The problem to solve is:


Multiply 2 and x

Multiply 1 and x

The x just gets copied along.


x*2 evaluates to 2x

Multiply x and 5

Multiply x and 1

The x just gets copied along.

The answer is x


5*x evaluates to 5x

x*2+5*x evaluates to 7x

x*2+5*x+6 evaluates to 7x+6

The final answer is

To solve (find the roots of) the quadratic equation 7x+6 =0:
First, we'll attempt to factor this quadratic equation as a trinomial.

This polynomial has 2 terms. It must exactly three terms to be a trinomial.

Since this quadratic equation cannot be factored as a trinomial
we will not be able to solve it by factoring.