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Retirement Investment Calculator

This page will show you how your retirement savings is going. Fill in the boxes, and take a look!

What is your current salary? $

When this calculation starts, how much is it to assume you already have in your retirement savings? (Typing 0 (zero) will start you out with nothing saved.) $

What total percentage of your salary is put into your retirement plan each year?
(Here total percent refers to a percent that takes into account what you contribute + what your employer may match/contribute) %

Approximately what percentage of your salary do you expect to get in a raise each year? (This percentage is assumed to be a compounded raise, computed each year based on that year’s salary) %

Your retirement savings is most likely invested in mutual fund, etc. Approximately what yearly interest or return does this investment give (in percent)? (This percentage is assumed to be a percentage of the total retirement investment) %

In how many years do you want to retire?

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