The problem to solve is:


Multiply the exponent of x by 2giving

The answer is

x^2 evaluates to

Multiply x and 13

Multiply x and 1

The x just gets copied along.

The answer is x


13*x evaluates to 13x

x^2-13*x evaluates to

The answer is

x^2-13*x+36 evaluates to

The final answer is

To solve (find the roots of) the quadratic equation =0:
First, we'll attempt to factor this quadratic equation as a trinomial.

is a valid trinomial that might be factorable.
This trinomial can be factored. Here is it in factored form:
=( x-9 )( x-4 )
With the two factors found, we now solve the equations:
x-9 =0 and x-4 =0.

Solving x-9 =0, we get that x= 9

Solving x-4 =0 and, we get that x= 4

Therefore, x= 9 and x= 4 are the roots to the quadratic equation