Find Out Things About a Box

You probably know that a box is an enclosed square, or rectangular structure.

This page will help you to find out a bunch of mathematical things about boxes.

Notes about boxes:

  • A box is most often characterized by its height h, and its width, W, and its length L.

  • The width, height, and length of a box can all be different. If they are the same, then the box will become a perfectly square box.

  • The volume, or amount of space inside a box is h × W × L.

  • The outside surface area of a box is 2(h × W) + 2(h × L) + 2(W × L)

What would you like to know?

I know that the width of a box is ,
and the height of a box is ,
and the length of a box is .

From this, show me how to calculate the of the box.

Quick! I need help with: