Find Out Things About Cylinder

This page will show you how to calcualte various things related to cylinders.

Notes about cylinders:

  • The radius R, or the distance from the center of a cylinder to its edge, and its length, L are usually the defining property of a cylinder. If your cylinder is standing upright, you might call the "length" a "height" instead.
  • The diameter, or the distance across a cylinder that passes through the center of the cylinder is 2R (twice the radius).
  • The surface area of an open ended cylinder (as shown) is 2RL
  • If the cylinder has caps on the ends, the surface area is 2RL+2R2
  • The volume of a cylinder is R2L
  • Note that =3.1415926535...

What would you like to know?

I know that the of a cylinder is , and the length or height of a cylinder is .

From this, show me how to calculate the of the cylinder. The cylinder I am thinking of have caps on its ends.

Quick! I need help with: