Sample Data

Here is some sample data you can use on our data analysis page. To use it, do the following:
  1. Find a data set you're interested in.
  2. "Drag" the mouse pointer over the entire data set while holding down the left mouse button. This will select the data set.
  3. Use your browser's Edit menu and "copy" the data off of this page.
  4. Click your browser's [Back] button to return to the data analysis page.
  5. Use your browser's Edit menu to "paste" the data into the data analysis box.

  • The acceleration of gravity (in ft/s2) of the first eight planets in our solar system
    (1=mercury, 2=venus, 3=earth, 4=mars, 5=jupiter, 6=saturn, 7=uranus, 8=neptune)

  • The Standard and Poor's (S&P) Composite Index, annual close, since 1980 (stock market)

  • A ball was dropped from a window 6.3 feet high, 50 times. Here is the number of seconds it took to hit the ground each time:

  • 40 students took an exam on statistics. Here are their scores out of 100 possible points:

  • A business is trying to track how many personal phone calls are made on their phones during business hours. Here is data representing the "number of calls made" (first column) versus the "number of employees making that many calls" (second column).

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